Year: 2017

Our boys win the Intermediate Volleyball Tournament!!!

Congratulations to Mathew, Luca, Adrian, Daniel, Daniel M.V., Patric and Joshua for their courage, perseverance and skill during the Volleyball Tournament on Nov. 15th at San Marco CES.  They won the tournament and will be competing soon at the finals. A special thank you to coach Pacheco for training and encouraging the boys during the games. Go Falcons Go!!!

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Congratulations to our Virtue of Compassion Recipients!

Congratulations to  Davide D., Giovanni C., Ethan Y., Mark F., Sierra R.L., Emiliano P., Alyssa Pl, Jessica K., Michael Z., Holly D., Alessia R., Olivia P., Luz Antonella C., Kayla S., Emma M., Christos M., Sophia L., Francesco U., Dante B., Sophia D., Luca P., Ava D., Olivia K., Lucia M., Sarah V., Fernanda H., Matteo G., Robbie P. for displaying the virtue of ... Continue reading "Congratulations to our Virtue of Compassion Recipients!"