Important Message From YCDSB Trustees

Dear Supporters of Catholic Education,

In November, the Ontario Liberal Party launched their “Common Ground” website:

This website invites the public to put forward proposals that address particular provincial needs and priorities. One of the current suggestions is a proposal for the amalgamation of all Ontario schools under one non-denominational school board. It is important that we, as Catholic school ambassadors, strongly voice our Constitutional rights, and continue to stand steadfast in supporting our 175-year-old Catholic school system.

In our Catholic schools, we continually focus on developing our students into confident, faith-filled and charitable citizens. In addition to excellent academic programming, our students are enriched through Parish and community partnerships, which nurture students in mind, body and spirit by giving witness to Gospel values.  Catholic school graduates are called to love their neighbours and contribute to the common good of our society.

As stewards of Ontario’s publicly funded Catholic schools, your Board of Trustees is united in our mission to protect our Catholic identity.  Collectively, we can make our voices heard to preserve our right to publicly funded Catholic Education.

We encourage you to visit the Common Ground website and register to cast your vote in favour of Catholic Education. During the upcoming election year, media outlets may also run “online polls” on this issue, please participate in them to affirm our message and defend our precious heritage.

Thank you for your continued support of Catholic Education.

Board of Trustees, YCDSB