Dress Code

We thank the parent community for ongoing support in the endeavour of upholding our school dress code. Staff and administration at St. Peter CES are continuing to monitor the implementation of the school’s dress code. We kindly ask our families to review the following dress code expectations:

All students must wear:

  • The St. Peter Catholic School Standardized Dress Code shall be worn to school each day, when on school premises and when participating on school related outings, activities, and excursions.
  • Articles of clothing shall be solid navy, black, grey and / or white in colour, as specified
  • Clothing shall be free of any writing, logos or pictures
  • Bottoms shall not include: jeans, leggings / jeggings, yoga pants, tear away pants, short shorts, short skirts
  • Tops shall not include: halter tops, tank tops, spaghetti straps, muscle tops, tube tops or tops with low neckline
  • As per Board policy, St. Peter Spirit Wear items will be allowed as part of the Dress Code from Kindergarten to Grade 8.

For all students’ indoor / outdoor wear: No logos, and / or language or pictures that indicate violence, profanity or discrimination of any kind will be permitted that are not in keeping with the spirit of the dress code as determined by administration.

Girls’ Bottom

  • Black or Navy casual and dress pants, track pants, capris, walking shorts, corduroy pants, joggers, cargo pants
  • Black or Navy skirt, skort, tunic, dress (appropriate length 3 inches above the knee – leggings / tights permitted with dresses or skirts)
  • St. Peter CES spirit wear

Boys’ Bottom

  • Black or Navy casual and dressy pants, corduroy, cargo pants, joggers, track pants, walking shorts, longer gym shorts
  • St. Peter CES spirit wear

Girls’ and Boys’ Tops

  • Solid white, navy, black or grey: dress shirt, turtleneck, t-shirt, short sleeve golf top, long sleeve polo top – no logos on clothing
  • Solid white, navy, black, grey: sweater, zip polo sweater, sweatshirt, hoodie, cardigan sweater, vests – no logos on clothing
  • St. Peter CES spirit wear

No Dress Code In Effect For:

  • Footwear
  • Gym clothes
  • Outdoor clothing

Please note the standardized dress code will be shared with all students so they are clearly aware of the expectations. When students choose not to wear an appropriate clothing item the following progressive approaches will be implemented:

  • Verbal reminder of Dress Code expectations
  • Communication with parent/guardian
  • Written notification to parent/guardian by the Principal or designate, outlining dress code expectations